Tips on How to Decorate your Travel Themed Home

Tips on how to decorate your travel themed home

Everyone loves to travel! When we travel, we become bewildered with all the new beauty we see, the cultures we learn and the differences we learn to appreciate. After a trip, we end up being storytellers; describing every experience, landmark, and landscape in meticulous detail. People have different ways to express their travel experiences. Some people prepare mood boards where they pin images of the places they’ve visited. Others collect items from significant places they have been, which often get stored away. However, the best way to celebrate your travels is to add it to your home. How to do it? Here are some tips on how to decorate your travel themed home.

Create a Travel Themed Gallery Wall

It comes a no surprise that we are a huge fan of photography and artwork. We have experimented with our travel photos and illustrations for over 15 years, and there is nothing better to add a personal touch to your home. On average, people in the UK went on holiday 1.9 times in 2019, all taking photos which merely end up lost in the memory banks of peoples phones or cameras. Most phones nowadays are able to take high quality photos that can be printed to a very reasonable size, making it attainable for anyone to create their very own travel themed gallery wall at home.

For the personal touch, these prints can be photos of you at your favourite destination or a memorable moment that is special to you. Alternatively, The Travel Creative provide travel photos from a wide range of locations around the world that will bring back a flood of memories from your favourite places. You don’t need to restrict yourself to just your travel photos either, you can try out any medium; explore the use of illustrations or combine prints with your trinkets and souvenirs. The fun doesn’t have to stop when you have returned home, and experimenting with a travel themed gallery wall is a perfect way to reminisce!

Design Your Very Own Personalised Travel Map

If you are stuck for a personal gift for him or her that celebrates your travels together, there is nothing better than a personalised travel map of your route. Months of planning goes into organising an adventure, and preparing a map that is unique to your route, destinations and experiences, immortalises your adventure in a way that very few things can. We have even seen personalised maps that celebrate a proposal, a wedding, or that 7 wonder of the world you visited last year in the depths of winter.

Add Travel Related Wall Art

Travel Illustrations are a fun way to add variety to your collage, and are also perfect if the vision for your wall requires a softer, more subtle touch. The trick to a minimalist approach is the use of soft colours and simple geometry and this is far more achievable with illustrations. What is fun about travel illustrations? The endless supply of fantastic artists that explore various techniques, from traditional paints to the growing popularity of computer vector based imagery. You can find travel illustrations from almost any destination in the world now, so you are sure to find a print that relates to your travels.

Display Your Travel Souvenirs in your home

There are very few people who utilise their travel souvenirs and memorabilia. Far more often, they are thrown in a bag left to gather dust in the back of a storage cupboard. Most people just don’t know what to do with them. The reality is they would be far more interesting to display on your shelf than that scented candle you bought last Christmas. A simple shelf or storage display would be brought to life with your ‘clutter’, and add real character to your home.

So there you have it, there’s our tips on How to Decorate your Travel Themed Home. Stop letting your photos sit idly on your phone, raid your travel souvenirs and start celebrating your travels.

A UK Architect who loves to travel. I have lived in Japan, America and China and travelled to over 40 countries. My goal is to share my passion for adventure and exploration.

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