Hours of Endless Fun with 3D Wooden Puzzles

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New Products

We’ve added to our range! Want to have fun with 3D Wooden Puzzles? Our prints and illustrations have been flying off the shelf in our Etsy store so we’ve taken the opportunity to expand the products we offer.

3D Wooden Puzzles

We have joined with our partners to provide interactive and engaging travel related 3D wooden puzzles. Have fun with 3D Wooden Puzzles for all ages, providing the escapism all travellers crave. for all ages and provides the escapism all travellers crave. They supply hours of endless fun piecing together each puzzle to create a creative array of travel related models.

Vitascope 3D Wood Puzzle

Fun time together. Best hobby forever.

Tired of mobile technology and video games? Want to get away from work and pressure? We are offering the best gift for relaxing. Let’s build something amazing!

Build it yourself!

Each model comes with easy to follow instructions meaning anyone can have fun putting the jigsaws together. Each piece slots carefully together without the need for any fixings, and the pack includes sandpaper to apply the finishing touches.

How are they made?

Each plywood puzzle has been painstakingly prepared in incredible detail using the newest CAD software, before being cut and prepared using latest laser cutting technology. This means each piece is precise to the millimetre, meaning that each piece slots together without the need for glue or fixings.

Travel Globe 3D Wooden Puzzle

The Perfect Creative Gifts

These puzzles are great gifts for family and friends who are the creative types and want to get stuck in making something.

The Travel Creative are dedicated to providing creative, imaginative and innovative products to customers all over the world. We aim to offer a creative and high-quality lifestyle for whoever loves creating.

We will continue to add further 3D Wooden Puzzles to this collection. You can check out of range here.

Have fun with 3D Wooden Puzzles!

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