Celebrate your Travels

Celebrate your travels, print collage

Travel Posters and Maps

The Travel Creative are proud to get our website up and running after our humble beginnings on Etsy. Over the years we have slowly built up our customer based providing quality travel photography and travel maps. The perfect way to celebrate your travels!


Our travel photography tells a story, this is what sets our prints apart from the rest; they invite the observer to look closer and explore the story within the photo. We have been avid photographers for decades, and our collections focus on our best work around the world. These destinations include China, Japan, America, Iceland, Thailand, Vietnam, Denmark, and the Philippines to name just a few.

Please check out our range of travel photography here.


We enjoy exploring new ways to celebrate our travels and to celebrate each travel destination. Travel illustrations are great way to do this and our selection of travel illustrations continues to grow day by day. Our collection currently includes such prints as the vector art from Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Japan, to the abstract art illustrations from Iceland’s Iceberg Lagoons.

Please check out our range of travel illustrations here.

Arashiyama Forest Vector Art Illustration

Travel Maps

At The Travel Creative we go back to basics. There are a lot of maps out there that overuse graphics and textures to create busy and complicated maps. We look to create simple and elegant maps, that strip back all of this noise. We provide world maps, continent maps, and Country maps. Not only are travel maps are a fantastic way to celebrate the countries you have been to, but they can be collected and used to remember all of the experiences you have made.

All our maps can be viewed here.

Personalised Maps

We know travel is a personal experience. We know every route people take is different. We know the experiences people have are unique to them. This is why we offer a personal touch! We offer to personal our maps so that they are tailored to your experience; to your journey. When a personalised map is purchased we work with you to provide personal touches; destinations you have travelled to, icons to identify a landmark or occasion, and personal messages you can share with someone special.

A UK Architect who loves to travel. I have lived in Japan, America and China and travelled to over 40 countries. My goal is to share my passion for adventure and exploration.

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